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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Min dae ...

3 nights left, if I count tonight, just 3. It seems like time has rushed me by and now I can't slow it down. Keeping the lid on these boiling emotions is an ever pressing battle, and sometimes it feels like I've lost - I peaked in and watched them sleep, curled up, breathing gently. 'This is it' I whisper, 'it's almost time to part'. But this sad heart is in self-protect mode and won't let me feel, not yet...

My Father holds them in his hands and I trust my Father... Keep them safe from harm, love and comfort, guide and teach my precious gifts from you.

For every moment I spend with them now and in the days to come, I send up a Thank You because I'm blessed to know them, love them, laugh with them, hold hands & fall asleep, watching the clouds.

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