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Thursday, 6 May 2010

I get loads of e-mails from friends in SA, one in particular has caught my attention, only because of this banner at the end of the message. 
It says (for those of you who can't read) 

I'm South African Neutral
Enough Fighting
Enough Anger
Enough Hatred
Enough Division

So this got me thinking about my life in SA and what these words would have meant to me. To be honest, not much. They would have just been another way of trying to throw propaganda at me but with no promise of actually delivering. I liven during the transition from Apartheid, the inauguration of Madiba and ultimately the demise of his dream. So much of what was promised was just thrown aside and I realised that CULTURE played the biggest part of this division - we just didn't understand each other and the fear of loosing who we were & our history to the idea that we, as South African's could create our own identity AS SOUTH AFRICANS... was just too much to accept.

Reading this message, which is on a corporate company email & now that I have been gone for so long fill my heart with hope that the country & people who I love so much will finally find a resolve to all the hurt and anger and.. and.. and..

How amaising will it be if these slogan could become truth?

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