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Sunday, 9 May 2010

'... it will be some time yet', he said using no words, just a smile in his dark eyes....

I have been reminded, in the most subtle way, that things will never be the same as they were. Intelligent conversation is something I miss, discussing business theories and shared experiences... how much have I given up?

There was a time when my career would dictate my life, where nothing mattered but the success of my client. I put myself in questionable situations where my core beliefs were put at risk and looking back.. I miss the adrenalin that comes with that.

The chase, if you like. The urgency of getting that campaign/product out. meeting the deadline, making the decisions & playing all the games along the way.... how has so much changed?

Re-telling my little story and listening to another reminded me of happier times, where sharing was natural and easy and didn't come with conditions. But alas, how do I miss something that was never mine?

Looking forwards and knowing that a life-time has passed, bitter-sweet thoughts enter my mind and subtly, I 
say thank-you...Thank you for your discussion and your openness (although guarded - amusing me thinks) Thank you for reminding me that although the life I have left behind is one I miss and don't want to forget but my experiences will always carry me forward....

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