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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

So this got me thinking .

So this got me thinking .....

As a sat in front of my screen, reading the carefully crafted idea, the thought out words and thought - why create a label? What's so special about a label?

It is because we see people sometime by the labels that have attached to their jeans?

We all wear labels - I have 'Mother' carefully pinned to my jumper, along with 'friend'/'employee'/'fixer'/'too loud'/'too shy.... I'm sure there are others.
But I would hate to think that all these labels define me?

... And this one? Well, it's still a label, but somehow it makes me feel a little less hidden because this one is just for me & I can duplicate and share it with anyone I want!

How amazing is this simple message - reminding us that no matter the 'label' attached to us by others no doubt, we are uniquely made?

Love it!

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  1. This is cool and interesting. :) I have never realy thought about what labels people assign o me... Do they assign ones that then fade and are replaced by new ones once they get to know me? Do they assign warning labels to me?

    Hmmm this is a brilliant thinking point...

    Thanks Erica