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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ordinary English - Part 1

There is something quite disconcerting when people start speaking - you know they are because there is sound and yes they are speaking English - but you have no idea what the heck they are actually saying!?

I sat in a meeting recently and was surprised to ‘hear’ ordinary English being spoken. Granted, there were abbreviations used randomly referring to reporting programmes, but generally – all simple and easily understood ENGLISH.

Now this may be because Avis in a global company and often there are people from other places who may not understand big complicated words… OR it’s just because Avis believe in saying it how it is.

Either way – it was refreshing!

My memories of past strategic meetings listening to some pampas, self important strategist try to impress with words that I have NEVER heard and least of all know what they mean –  bored me to death.

I am not saying that I am not unintelligent (well – you decide, but I know I am) and not capable of understanding Jargon – I just lack the will to listen to it.

Ordinary language, simple, clear and meaning what it says is the way I would like everyday to be.   So – as this is a little bit of a bug-bear with me & believe it or not, it affects every aspect of our mundane lives… I shall blog about it.

Read, follow – don’t!
No matter, it’s all gravy (Thanks Beth!)

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