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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mr Darcy & the Dayream

So we all day dream - right?

There we are sitting at a school/office desk, staring out the window onto an empty playground/street corner... perhaps there is a lonesome tree where a few birdies chirp and sing...

But that's so not what a daydreamer sees, no, no, no… They see something completely different. A dragon spitting fire, singeing the tree where a beautiful princess is tied; birds falling to the ground and humble commoners scurrying to pick up their dinner of charred pigeon.. and then, the tip of a lance, the clip-clop of a ponies hoofs (let’s face it, no way you riding a stallion).. A knight appears to slay the dragon & save the princess… CLANG! … A ruler on the desk brings reality back to pretend-land :-(

But what happens when day dreams affect reality?
When your pretend experience changes the way you see the real world - what does that mean and how 'bad' is that for ones perspective?

For instance, let’s pretend that you were in love (awe) and you have this little daydream where you are attending a wedding (about to go to one, seems appropriate).

You have had a really bad time, your boyfriend (the one you thought you were in love with) just broke up with you - he’s been in Dubai for the last 6 months. You dropped blush onto your cream dress and your heel broke as you get out the car. Its rubbish, I know, but let’s run with it.

You enter the church, limp down the isle and slump onto a chair sighing – audibly!
By this time, people are looking at you, but you don’t care. You want to shout at them ‘FEEL MY PAIN!’

So the service gets under the way, the angel glides past you and alights like a flutterby at the feet of her true love (while you hold back the bile)…

But then, there he is, the best man looking like Mr. Darcy, he just needs a lake.

Ahhh, how precious!

He sees you (Oh no – not!) and as the other best men take their seats.

He marches up the isle, demands that the frumpy cousin move at once, plonks his rather yummy bum onto the seat next to you… looks into your eyes and says…. ‘I’m so glad you came’

Oh man, oh man.. heart rate goes up, blood pressure drops and there is nothing left to do except...... grin from ear to ear (see, now fainting would not do, you want to remember this don’t you?)

But here’s the twist – you know this man in real life. He isn’t anyone’s best man, he is just a friend of a bloke who is a boyfriend of a girlfriend. You have spoken – been in the same place, laughed, watched movies – had the odd conversation. But nothing much else.

And then.. wham! Your friend announces her engagement, wedding happens and there you sit. Single, not so happy in real life and ‘he’ is the best man – how disappointed are you?

You want this movie to play out – this little drama to explode and leave you breathless.
Your heart even races, just a little as the dudes take their seats… a little bitty bit of hope that your daydream bares fruit…

My advice to you, is live in this world. Live with the experience that are your everyday ones. Don’t daydream and pretend because Life is not a Novel… it’s rough, it’s messy, it’s actually pretty cool – far better than your pretend world.

No expectations – just be, happiness follows those that don’t expect drama and princess dreams…

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