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Monday, 9 August 2010

Technology and the 12year old

So, this is interesting.

My 12 year old has a new laptop, well my old one. It’s not the best & still uses a PCMCIA external card to detect wireless networks.
Not the easiest set-up to understand, but none the less, very effect (unless the network is emitting two signals… don’t ask – but very frustrating)

Anywhoo – here is the brain twizzler!

Here I am at work considering how to effect dynamic content on my next campaign, little one calls me because she needs to access the internet from her Daddy’s house.

No problem, I just talk her though the very complicated set-up process… which she completes and connects.

She is 12!?
She is yet a child… how zat!

At 12 I didn’t even know what a WPA was or why WEP didn’t work and she is asking about ‘profiles’ and ‘channels’?

I’m flabbergasted, things ain’t the same as before… my oh my!

All I have to say – is: Go get ‘em tiger!

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