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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Wedding and Honeymoon – Part 1

It’s done – I’m now a married woman (Yay) What a ride!! LOL.

It all happened on 23rd February, this year in sunny South Africa. Beautiful day, very hot as you would expect but a very special day for Matthew and I, we are so blessed.

It was manic though, the first three days in SA before the wedding – I’m not sure where we got all the energy from. I forgot how political a wedding can be and it saddened the occasion just a little.

Our photographers were a hoot and they got some amazing photos both at the ceremony and then a the gardens. WOW – the Botanical Gardens were breath taking. Even the clouds came out to play and scattered themselves across the sky in a flighty fashion.

But that was just the beginning – when you get back from your honeymoon it still seems a little surreal but give it a month or two and the beauty of the experience really hits you in the chest.
The sites and scenery we experienced where stunning, they truly got us to step back and tip our hat up to Heaven, God’s creation made a mighty impression on my humble eyes.

Sometimes the beauty was just too much to take in, the openness, the distance, the colours and the sounds and scents of nature. I feel so privileged to have experienced just a smidgen on the land at the tip of Africa.
We were given a weeks stay at The Beacon Island in Plettenburg Bay – it brings tears to my eyes that we were so blessed with. Such an amazing gift which really gave Matt and I a relaxing and special start to our marriage.

The whole experience including the 7 hour hike really gave us a lesson in trusting our God and Father for our care. We looked over the sea and again, were reminded of His might power but also looking at the tiny slug things in the sand, of His sense of humour.

Our 7 hour hike in Kranshoek has to be the de-light (not highlight) of our week in Plett.
What we thought was going to be a stroll along the sea turned out to be a hike up and down a mountain, along shail and all done – with no WATER!
At one point, when I was crawling up the 45degree mountainside, to afraid to stand because of the height (2000ft), I prayed that the angels would lift my feet because I was not able to. I physically felt as if my feet where being pushed from the soles to take the next step. I don’t believe that this was physiological – this was my Father, giving me a leg up in a difficult satiation.

I also learned that day that my Husband is the BEST ever as he raced up the cliff to get water for his failing wife (even though he was battling) – I do love my Matthew.

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